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A an incredibly busy build up to Christmas what do we get up to for the rest of the winter? Our owner Rod Adlington explains:

“We do have a bit of a break and head off on holiday for a few days in January, then it’s planning ahead for the whole of 2020. We all know that one person who does their Christmas shopping in January and we’re the same! We’ve already had to place our order for turkey poults ready for Christmas 2020.

We also take some time as Spring approaches to concentrate on the other parts of our business. As well as turkey farming, we also own a chicken brand, Label Anglais. This is run on the same principles as our turkey farming, with high welfare standards, natural, oat fed and birds that are allowed the space that they need and the time that they need to grow and develop and turn out as tasty as possible.

“It’s also a good time of year to look at maintenance on our farm. We’re very proud of our environmental record. We’ve had reed beds that treat our waste water for about 25 years now. It’s a really good, natural way of filtering the water and putting it back into the land without using electricity and other resources. I know that a few breweries and other companies are really getting into this technology now and we’re glad that we’ve had it in place for such a long time. We also have solar panels that were installed about 8 years ago and we think they’ve already paid for themselves.  They provide around a third of the electricity for the factory which if you consider that when we’ve got the smoker and cooker switched on it’s equal to 25 kettles going at once, and for about 10 hours a day, they really make a difference. So having the solar panels really does help with satisfying our energy requirements. It’s nice that they save us money and are good for the environment.

“We’re also working on a new range of products, including smoked and dry cured turkey bacon, so look out for more details about these. Really we are here all year round to help with delicious meal solutions and to help with Mothering Sunday meals, Easter family gatherings, and even summer garden parties with cooked smoked meats!”

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