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English Label Chicken

Our premium poultry brand Label Anglais is now known as English Label. We’ve made the change to better reflect and emphasise the origin of our product. 

Our mission and methods remain the same: To produce a high welfare free range British chicken with the most incredible taste and flavour.

Our commitment to welfare through our Welfare Protocol means that we still grow the birds to maturity in a natural environment – feeding them on only the best quality, natural products and giving them a happy, natural life out in the fields. We believe that this produces the best flavour meat around. And our reviewers agree. Gordon Ramsay, Heston Blumenthal, the Daily Mail, the Daily Telegraph and many others have praised its quality.

The label may have changed, but you can still rely on the same great tasting product.

We’ve also made more of our English Label products available directly from this site. Go to English Label products to browse our tasty English Label products. 

English Label Free Range Chicken

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